finding love in LA *vlog*

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  • hvxy fzrsq
    hvxy fzrsq13 napja

    They were literally hanging out with franc ocean

  • Nishi Tripathi
    Nishi Tripathi27 napja

    You are making him masculine ( this is no or no woman). Although you are looking very beautiful and pretty guys. I love you my cheater guys.

  • Debasmita Das
    Debasmita DasHónapja

    12:27 literally the cutest thing I've ever seen

  • Leyla Guliyeva
    Leyla Guliyeva2 hónapja

    Not me rewatching the part where she sings It is actually pretty goood

  • Blossom
    Blossom2 hónapja

    Okay but like kennedys voice is amazing!?!?

  • Blossom
    Blossom2 hónapja

    Okay but like kennedys voice is amazing!?!?

  • Anaida azavedo
    Anaida azavedo2 hónapja

    12:28 goals ❤️

  • Anaida azavedo
    Anaida azavedo2 hónapja

    7:11 was pure vibes 😂

  • Stargazing. Net
    Stargazing. Net2 hónapja

    Kennedy and jerm bot are friendship goals

  • Alfie Roseburg
    Alfie Roseburg2 hónapja

    ur rili pretty, thats why i subscribed

  • Koha Shizuka
    Koha Shizuka3 hónapja

    online it says Jeremy and Kennedy are i think they got their information wrong

  • jill m
    jill m4 hónapja

    watching this now it’s so weird how they don’t have masks?? ahhh

  • mike carson
    mike carson4 hónapja

    please come back to L.A..I saw the friends you made in L.A dont you miss them even a little bit?? they really seem to get you and I hated how you ended the Vlog by saying L.A will never be your home :( :(

  • anoushka mitra
    anoushka mitra6 hónapja

    I had no clue at the time of what she was filming in LA but now i know it was for brat tv in the movie intern-in-chief, she was amazingggg

  • Lance Walker
    Lance Walker6 hónapja

    TRUMP 2020!!! Don’t believe the media.

  • im so bad
    im so bad6 hónapja

    i remember when i saw her post this and got really scared she would move to LA and become a basic bitch im so thankful she's stayed the same to this day lmao

  • Maliha Farooq
    Maliha Farooq6 hónapja

    2 of my favourite you tubers together .......... I AM QUAKING 💜🌙❤

  • Sayali Bankar
    Sayali Bankar7 hónapja

    Kennedy and her weird friends this is so i want

  • mike carson

    mike carson

    4 hónapja

    I know right. I said L.A is the right fit for her :)

  • Lea d
    Lea d7 hónapja

    did anyone else notice Avery pouting and looking bothered during that whole montage... hmm.

  • Luk Brunn
    Luk Brunn7 hónapja

    whats the name of the song in the montage? :)

  • Jl Bendana
    Jl Bendana7 hónapja

    she can sing! OMG

  • Chocolate Bar
    Chocolate Bar7 hónapja

    Ik that this was a year ago but I really enjoy seeing u living your life. Your introvert vlogs are funny but these have a different and really good vibe and I'm all here for it!! 💗💞💓💓

  • Taylor Hoyer
    Taylor Hoyer7 hónapja

    “That freaking cat keeps me grounded” girl... same.

  • miranda holguin
    miranda holguin8 hónapja

    I actually laughed with them

  • tinykingez
    tinykingez8 hónapja

    Avery's so attractive omgggg

  • graciecat
    graciecat8 hónapja

    12:28 🥺💗✨

  • Venya Dhyani
    Venya Dhyani8 hónapja

    her voice!!!! i am in love.

  • oboyy
    oboyy8 hónapja

    If we ever meet I’ll make you mine

  • Nur Khairunnisa
    Nur Khairunnisa8 hónapja

    12:28 oh my god cutee ❤️ hahaha btw who's that guy?

  • Michaela Fogharty
    Michaela Fogharty9 hónapja

    “Don’t want to spend my life lying in bed, that’s not what life is” - me watching, while currently lying in bed. Probably no intention to move either.

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    Dj nick Smule Books9 hónapja

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  • Cindy Nasrallah
    Cindy Nasrallah9 hónapja

    Her friend looks like tiffany ferg (she's a youtuber)

  • Antonia K.
    Antonia K.9 hónapja

    “it’s a bit chilly, so i have to dress accordingly” *proceeds to but on shorts*

  • rahorin
    rahorin9 hónapja

    That's a lot of snake plants

  • master code
    master code9 hónapja

    kennedy you were good with them why u say you are not social person

  • Anny Hamel
    Anny Hamel9 hónapja

    You're an introvert, yes, but I think you're also an Highly Sensitive Person (named also as Sensory Processing Sensitivity).

  • Wiv A
    Wiv A10 hónapja

    she singing Zoey 101 theme❣

  • Paula Hillman
    Paula Hillman10 hónapja

    You’re the cutest

  • Agate Velkere
    Agate Velkere10 hónapja

    them doing improv was the best part of my life ngl

  • nittoburn4
    nittoburn410 hónapja

    ( *From an introvert herself, but on a totally unrelated note:* ) L.A. people are just so cool, and to me down to earth and spiritual.... . *yeah.* (thumbs upppp.)

  • Cailey
    Cailey10 hónapja

    why is Kennedy actually like good at singing??

  • Aya Younis
    Aya Younis10 hónapja

    The first second of the vid was tony Lopez 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁

  • Eliza Nguyen
    Eliza Nguyen10 hónapja

    The guy’s Australian accent is pretty spot on 👌🏻

  • J Bac
    J Bac10 hónapja

    She seems like a much younger version of the Alex chick from Call Her Daddy.

  • Ismael Royo
    Ismael Royo10 hónapja

    Nice vlog content. I have a youtube channel about love,come and check it out “Royo Ismael”.

  • alex Az
    alex Az10 hónapja

    First of all Kennedy.?!? You Can SING?!!

  • Cami ASMR
    Cami ASMR11 hónapja

    when you did impro you reminded of my friends and I we met at an acting school and we d do impro all the time for fun haha miss em

  • Sumit Bhatt
    Sumit Bhatt11 hónapja

    The only boys she found attractive are gay😂

  • a rEgulAr humAn bEinG -
    a rEgulAr humAn bEinG -11 hónapja

    My battery ran out and it says it has 0%! Like...

  • Amjad Alqarni
    Amjad Alqarni11 hónapja

    There’s two types of people: 1- Kennedy and Avery 2- Kennedy and Jeremy Which one are you?

  • Weneca Abanto Calunod

    Weneca Abanto Calunod

    10 hónapja

    Kennedy and Cory Im sorry :< i shouldnt

  • Arianna Rene
    Arianna Rene11 hónapja

    Does anyone know where she got her demon shorts bc that are so cute!!!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  • Eveline Eleven
    Eveline Eleven11 hónapja

    you look like phoebe tonkin on the thumbnail

  • Emma Darwent
    Emma Darwent11 hónapja


  • MovieGirl8
    MovieGirl811 hónapja

    "Guess who I'm with?" timothee chalamet :O "a crackhead" oh

  • Maite Cepeda
    Maite Cepeda11 hónapja

    what was the important thing she said she was working on?

  • Kayla Downing
    Kayla Downing11 hónapja

    You should really do covers of songs. I like your voice!

  • M Ossama
    M Ossama11 hónapja

    Your voice is beautiful😍😍😍❤ sing in a video

  • Harrison Maynes
    Harrison Maynes11 hónapja

    Being an introvert is a great thing

  • Mischa Nel
    Mischa Nel11 hónapja

    God bless you

  • Marcelle L. Macedo
    Marcelle L. Macedo11 hónapja

    A 40 years old woman at LA

  • Brittany Myers
    Brittany Myers11 hónapja

    in her brothers vid it says she is acting or something.:)

  • Leen Al
    Leen Al11 hónapja

    Dude i just found out that my two favorite youtubers made a vid together like they literally just have the same vibe

  • Talia Barker
    Talia Barker11 hónapja

    9:09, 9:27, 9:57🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • eliana' s
    eliana' sÉvvel

    zoey 101 omg

  • boi mac
    boi macÉvvel

    Kennedy: 🍑💨 Everyone else: 💀

  • Koje Ime Odabrati
    Koje Ime OdabratiÉvvel

    she changed 3 times when getting ready

  • Juan Delacruz
    Juan DelacruzÉvvel

    This just shows us that literally everybody is an Introvert until a good or bad company comes. FACTS!!!

  • logan sims
    logan simsÉvvel

    4:45 love Tyler in the background

  • Spirit Spirit
    Spirit SpiritÉvvel

    There is "No Love in LA".

  • Jemimah ZS
    Jemimah ZSÉvvel

    Alex's style is retro-mazing and Jeremy is cuuuttttttteeeee 😍😍

  • crazydyl brandyheizer
    crazydyl brandyheizerÉvvel

    nobody: me & my friends:11.03

  • Rose Moon
    Rose MoonÉvvel

    11:18 OMG NO WAY!!!!!!! Why am i watching this Now!!!!! 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖 i'm fangirling so bad 😂😂

  • Kjdenis

    I came back because of jermbot. Didn't know yall we're friends. Tell him to keep filming.😘😂😄👌

  • Manef Ben Ghorbel
    Manef Ben GhorbelÉvvel

    Filming something that i cant tell u about on LA hmmm defnt not porn

  • Cariad Griffin
    Cariad GriffinÉvvel

    For the first like five mins of this video I thought u were sitting on a bench in the middle of the street with a blanket lol

  • Alison Voon
    Alison VoonÉvvel

    who is this Jeremy they're so fuckin cute tgt

  • i



    he's an youtuber as well and he's gay

  • Isabella Abarta
    Isabella AbartaÉvvel

    i 100% ship avrey and kennedy

  • Princes Ira Lacap
    Princes Ira LacapÉvvel

    She can really sing! ❤❤

  • Elizabeth hines
    Elizabeth hinesÉvvel

    Welcome to LA it’s loud as fuck 24/7 haha

  • Paul Gribben
    Paul GribbenÉvvel

    so funny

  • Frederik Kruse
    Frederik KruseÉvvel

    The guy (or girl) who ends up with you, and who you can be your very cute and weird self around.. might be the frickin luckiest person on the planet.. you are so god damn rare, funny and gourgous! be safe Kennedy you are beautiful (your nose too) don't let anyone tell you otherwise.. dont hate on me for my potato-english i'm danish so it's not my fault! gosh if you could watch yourself through my eyes you would see what i'm talking about - be safe bye!

  • Cat Bellamy
    Cat BellamyÉvvel

    Okay wow, other people besides family? going out unprompted? I support this!

  • Churapee 23
    Churapee 23Évvel


  • Ingisha Ingisha Valer
    Ingisha Ingisha ValerÉvvel

    Omg you look so flawless even without makeup XD I look like a recently baked potatoe without any

  • Mohammed Alzahrani
    Mohammed AlzahraniÉvvel

    Don't care for what you read in are ll be social when you get fully grown up

  • rxFlowerChild

    12:24 I'm sobbing what a pair

  • Celtic Barbarian
    Celtic BarbarianÉvvel

    Damn, their skit is literally a divorce, like have all of them gone through that and that's the first thing that they think of?

  • Maya Noerrelund
    Maya NoerrelundÉvvel

    I wanna fall down on the floor “just kidding” we’re not going there

  • Mareli

    7:19 in Mexico we called “el paso del gusano” to that trick.

  • Noa Bar
    Noa BarÉvvel

    Omg its so good to see you happy. It literally make my day. I am So proud of you 💕

  • Elizabeth (lizzie) Austin
    Elizabeth (lizzie) AustinÉvvel

    i need more kennedy and jeremy in my life

  • Morge Zorge
    Morge ZorgeÉvvel

    LA seems like a total superficial place.

  • theSilentCartographer


  • Russell Supertramp
    Russell SupertrampÉvvel

    What did Kennedy film in LA? If it's already out

  • Jasmine Love
    Jasmine LoveÉvvel

    I love your HUbase channel, subscribed! Notified! Your welcome! I’m a social person but I’m in a toxic environment which leaves me wishing I can move out and be sooo far away from these ppl.I really need to move. #Complicated. Btw continue to have fun with friends, friends are just a gift from the heavens above. Friends help eachother thru everything,literally.

  • Martin Halvax
    Martin HalvaxÉvvel

    Kennedy: "Dude, why are there so many freaking helicopters in LA?" Bill Burr: *flies by*

  • Gabriella K
    Gabriella KÉvvel

    I have the same thing with my anxiety too and mine is really bad too I barely leave the house so I understand what you're going through its hard

  • Katelyn Love
    Katelyn LoveÉvvel

    We have the same initials lol

  • Nabanita Chakraborty
    Nabanita ChakrabortyÉvvel

    Jerrrrmmm bott

  • its4amhelp

    u are really good at singing